What is SaintéMémo.fr?

SaintéMémo.fr is the guide to all the support and aid available to Saint-Étienne's students.
We give you the low-down on an indispensable web application that will enable you find the right help at the right time.

You have chosen Saint-Étienne for your higher education and you've made the right choice!

The City of Saint-Étienne and Saint-Étienne Métropole are by your side to support you throughout your course.

SaintéMémo.fr is the guide to all the support and aid available to Saint-Étienne's students.

And it's Gaël Perdriau, Mayor of Saint-Étienne and President of Saint-Étienne Métropole who talks about it best.

SaintéMémo.fr, therefore, informs you about all the support and aid you can claim, relating to all your essential needs: food and accommodation, healthcare and travel.

SaintéMémo.fr also tells you about all the easy-to-access, anonymous listening services that are available if you are feeling down or overwhelmed, whatever the reason.

SaintéMémo.fr brings you all the emergency solutions that are available at short notice if you are in need of help.

SaintéMémo.fr enables you to directly ring a service or resource person, to send them an email, to visit a website for more information, to see their address precisely on a plan of Saint-Étienne.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, don't panic! You can write to us. The teams at the City's youth information centre, the Espace Infos Jeunes, will get back to you as quickly as they can.

The City of Saint-Étienne youth information centre, the Espace Info Jeunes, at La Comète, 7 avenue du Président Émile-Loubet in Saint-Étienne.

SaintéMémo.fr is also a print guide. You can pick one up from lots of places in Saint-Étienne, including from all the partners mentioned in the guide. And at your School, of course.

With Saint-Étienne, you really have made the right choice!

SaintéMémo.fr is an application of Ville de Saint-Étienne and Saint-Étienne Métropole, produced in partnership with the CROUS of the Académie de Lyon, Université Jean-Monnet, the FASÉE (Saint-Étienne student associations federation) and of course, all our other higher education institutions.