A high-calibre training offer

Saint-Étienne offers a wide range of high-calibre higher education courses. With its five multi-disciplinary campuses, the Métropole is able to meet student demand as well as the needs of the economic actors: universities and higher education institutes, initial training, sandwich courses, development of specialist postgraduate courses and research. All of which amounts to a vast range of career opportunities for students!

Saint-Étienne is the ideal place to start building a professional network while still a student. Collaborative projects and dedicated spaces all over the district offer chances for students and professionals to meet and work together: a real career booster!.

On Le Guizay hill,
10 minutes from the city centre.

Number of students in higher education


Saint-Étienne Métropole has seen the biggest growth in student numbers in France over the last ten years.

Number of foreign students each year


The number of foreign students is also growing fast year on year, an indicator of the attractiveness of our schools and courses.

Number of researchers in Lyon-Saint-Etienne


Between them, Lyon and Saint-Étienne Métropole, two cities 60 km part, boast no less than 200 research laboratories.